How To Use SpectaClip

SpectaClip easily attaches to nearly any item. Simply attach it where instant eyeglass storage is desired and lock it for convenient & secure eyeglass access.

1. Squeeze the wide end of SpectaClip to open.  Hook SpectaClip around your desired item, such as purse handle or belt loop. 

2. Lock SpectaClip in place by rolling the sides of the split ends over each other until you feel/hear it pop closed. 

3. Insert eyeglasses by placing one of the temple pieces down through the top loop and out through the bottom loop. 

Using the Locking Ring

The locking ring is optional, but will provide additional security for your glasses. 

1. Ensure locking ring is properly positioned between the two loops. 

2. Insert eyeglass frame through the top loop and through the portion of the locking ring extending into the top loop.

3. Insert frame through bottom loop of SpectaClip. Your glasses are now securely locked in!


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